Associate Professor of Geotechnics, Department of Civil Engineering – University of Salerno (Italy)


On March 2002, degree in Civil Engineering, at the University of Salerno (final grade 110 cum laude/110 and special mention) with a M.Sc. Thesis “Relevant geotechnical aspects towards the modelling of triggering of the May 1998 flow-like mass movements: the Tuostolo sample basin” (Tutors: Prof. Leonardo Cascini, Prof. Giuseppe Sorbino).

On May 2006, PhD in Civil Environmental Engineering, at University of Salerno with a PhD Thesis “Geomechanical modelling of triggering mechanisms for flow-like mass movements in pyroclastic soils”, (Tutors: Prof. Leonardo Cascini, Prof. Manuel Pastor, Prof. Giuseppe Sorbino).

In 2006 and 2007 Post-Doc Fellowship granted by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salerno “Numerical modelling of flow-like mass movements in pyroclastic soils”.

From November 2008, Sabatino Cuomo is Assistant Professor of Geotechnics at the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Salerno.

Research and Cooperation

The research activities dealt with several aspects related to the modelling of flow-like mass movements:

  • modelling of pore water pressures in unsaturated shallow pyroclastic soil deposits,
  • individuation of the triggering mechanisms for flow-like mass movements,
  • numerical modelling of the failure and propagation stages of flow-like mass movements.

These researches were developed at the University of Salerno and in other National and foreign research Institutes, as below reported:

–          Laboratory of Geotechnics, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Salerno (IT),

–          CUGRI (Consorzio inter-Universitario per la Previsione e Prevenzione dei Grandi Rischi), Salerno (IT),

–          CERIUS (Centro di Eccellenza per la previsione e prevenzione del Rischio idrogeologico), Salerno (IT),

–          CEDEX (Centro de Estudio y Experimentacion de Obras Publicas), Madrid (SP),

–          Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid – UPM (SP),

–          Lab. 3S-R, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble – INPG (FR),

Research projects

In 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 participation to the Project MURST 60% “Geotechnical modelling of landslides” (Coordinator: Prof. L. Cascini).

In 2004 participation to the Landslide Risk research activities of the Centre of Excellence (M.I.U.R. – University of Salerno) on “Hydrogeological Risk: Forecasting and Prevention over large areas” (Coordinator: Prof. L. Cascini).

In 2002 e 2006 participation to the strategic Project (M.I.U.R – Legge 449/97 – PROGETTO SP3) “Triggering and reactivation of landslides and mitigation measures” (Coordinator: Prof. L. Cascini).

In 2004, 2005 and 2006 participation to international research projects at the CEDEX of Madrid (ANDES 2001-2005, ANDROS 2006-2009, DESCARTES 2003-2006, MODELAD 2007-2009) aimed to the numerical modelling  of natural hazards in volcanic soils (Coordinator: Prof. M. Pastor).

In 2007 participation to an International research project at the Universidad Politecnica del Madrid (GATARVISA 2005-2009) dealing with the algorithms, techniques and application of virtual reality and advanced simulation with special reference to natural hazards (Coordinator: Prof. L. Pastor – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid).

From September 2008 participation to the project PRIN 2007 “Analysis and zoning of susceptibility and hazard of the landslides triggered by extreme events (rainfall and earthquake)” (Coordinator: Prof. L. Cascini).

From February 2009 participation, within the Integrated Action Italy-Spain 2009 (financiated by the Ministry of University and Research), to the preoject “Advanced numerical modelling of highly destructive landslides” (Coordinators: Prof: L. Cascini, Prof. M. Pastor).

From April 2009 participation to the EU project “SafeLand-Living with landslide risk in Europe: Assessment, effects of global change, and risk management strategies” (FP7-ENV-2008-1) (Coordinator: Prof. Farrokh Nadim).

Technical Committees

From December 2005, member of the Technical Committee of the International School on Landslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation (LARAM, http://www.laram.unisa.it) annually held for selected PhD students.

From December 2009, Italian Corresponding Member of SYMPG (Student and Young Members Presidential Group) of the ISSMGE (International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering).


On July 2004, assigned by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salerno a prize for the excellence of the undergraduate studies and final grade.

On September 2004, assigned the 5th Sapio prize by the Italian Geotechnical Society for the best M.Sc. Thesis during the years 2000-2002.

On May 2006, nominated as Italian Delegate of the Italian Geotechnical Society (Associazione Geotecnica Italiana) to the XVII European Young Geotechnical Engineering Conference, 20-22 July 2006, Zagreb.

On December 2009, nominated Italian Corresponding Member of SYMPG (Student and Young Members Presidential Group) of the ISSMGE (International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering).


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